Community Home

This is an exciting time for St. Edmond’s!  We purchased a house in November 2017 to use as a Community Home.  In 2020, renovations were completed, and three ladies from St. Edmond’s Home moved to their new house at the end of July!  This is the first Community Home that St. Edmond’s has opened.  It enables us to provide a true continuum of care for the individuals who are over 21 but have not found adult placement to meet their medically complex needs. 

The home has been fully renovated to provide accessibility consistent with the American Disabilities Act requirements.  Renovations included combining 2 of the bathrooms into one large accessible bathroom, widening doorways, creating a concrete wheelchair ramp to the front door, and providing a lift from the garage to the living area among others.  We want to extend a special thank-you to the Women’s Auxiliary for making these renovations possible.  COVID-19 has unfortunately delayed our plans for an open house, but we are still so excited for these three young women who are moving on to a new chapter in their lives and gaining increased independence!