Nursing Services

The children of St. Edmond’s Home are provided with 24 hour nursing care deeply rooted in ethical values which respect the dignity, autonomy, and uniqueness of every child. We recognize their individualized responses to health-related events and life experiences. These services are delivered by compassionate pediatric nurses. Careful coordination of the Medical Plan of Care is provided by our primary care physician in consultation with other specialist physicians, dieticians, and licensed therapists.   The nursing department employs a holistic, child/family-focused, evidence-based approach to care with goals of maintaining and restoring health, supporting rehabilitation following surgery and other therapeutic interventions, optimizing habilitation, and promoting social and emotional well being.  Nursing services provided include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Routine and emergency medical/nursing care
  • Medical case management – Coordinated by individual Health Care Coordinator (HCC)
  • Ongoing assessment and nursing care planning
  • Management of medical benefits and pharmaceutical needs
  • Participation in interdisciplinary team meetings
  • Communication and coordination with the families, the schools, and physicians

Medical Services

The primary care physician for our children, a pediatric specialist, is on site twice weekly and is available for consultation by phone at all times. Medical care is also coordinated with the individual child’s specialists in areas such as neurology, cardiology, pulmonology, audiology, gastroenterology, ophthalmology and endocrinology. An Orthopedic Clinic is held quarterly at St. Edmond’s for the majority of our children.  In addition, we have on-site dental care for routine periodic exams and dental hygiene.  Medical appointments and follow-ups are directed through the Health Care Coordinator’s (HCC) office.  Each individual is assigned to a Registered Nurse (HCC) who work with families and specialists to ensure well-coordinated care and services.  The nursing and medical teams are supported by our dedicated medical appointment and medical benefit coordinators.