Residential Services

The Residential Department

The Residential Department is comprised of approximately 90 Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) who work directly with the children. Our DSPs are supported by 6 Supervisors who both supervise the DSP’s and work hands on with the children. As this is a residential facility, we function 24/7 and are divided into three shifts.

We are extremely fortunate to have a low turnover rate due to the deep level of commitment the DSPs and supervisors have for each of our children. We are blessed to have many staff who have been with St. Edmond’s for as many as 40 years of service; their longevity is credited to their love of the children and their belief that St. Edmond’s Home is truly an exceptional place that provides the highest level of care possible for each child.

The staff are responsible for all levels of the children’s activities of daily living, in addition to the implementation of the individualized programming goals. Within these activities, and the many others that the staff perform on a daily basis, our DSPs exemplify our core values by encouraging and assisting each child to reach their fullest potential of independence.