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Great Room

The Great Room is just that, it is where we celebrate birthdays, holidays and other events. Music Therapy is offered in the great room three times a month. Other events include Brunch with Frosty for siblings and families, a Christmas Party with our local fire company, adapted volleyball and bowling in inclement weather, and an annual Art Show displaying the Masterpieces made by our children. The great room also provides a place for the children to have the space needed for physical therapy activities.

I love the Great Room, its just a Big Family Room! — Julia

Therapeutic Pool

Our Aquatic Therapy Program provides our children an opportunity for relaxation and therapy. The benefits of aquatic therapy include recreational, cognitive, psychosocial and physical. The indoor heated pool offers a calming experience. Our staff work to improve range of motion through stretching, and for those children who cannot bear weight the pool allows for the utilization of this skill. It also creates a safe environment for progressive rehabilitation. The warm water used in aquatic therapy also reduces spasticity and relaxes muscles which allow the child to move with greater mobility and less pain. All children are evaluated for needed adaptive aquatic equipment and in pool supervision and a life guard is always on duty. Opportunities for our children to swim are offered regularly throughout the year as are sessions for families to swim with their child.

The aquatic therapy pool is available for rental during non-therapy hours. For more information please call Program Director, Pam Samuels at 610-525-8800 ext. 114.

Snoezelen/Multi-Sensory Room

The Snoezelen room offers tactile, visual, auditory and vestibular stimulation through a variety of therapeutic modalities. All children are regularly given the opportunity to experience this environment. It is a soothing and yet stimulating atmosphere and is used to stimulate the senses using lights, colors, sounds and textured items. Our Snoezelen Room is also available for use by individuals, families and community groups. Anyone interested in using the multi-sensory room, please contact the Occupational Therapy department.

Special Care Wing

The Special Care Wing is the most recent and exciting expansion to our home, allowing us to serve 4 additional children! This cozy, two bedroom, four-bed wing has been designed , equipped, and staffed to care for children requiring an enhanced level of medical intervention.  In-wall oxygen and suctioning, as well as climate control and air filtration systems are just a few of the specialized amenities built into this new residential area.

St. Edmond’s Home added the Special Care Wing in 2013 to further provide exceptional care to more medically complex children. The newly created wing will serve children:

  1. Who may require an artificial airway tracheotomy for airway management
  2. With chronic lung disease, restrictive airway clearance dysfunction associated with neuromuscular disease and cerebral palsy who require continuous supplemental oxygen, frequent chest physiotherapy via high frequency chest wall oscillation and cough assist devices, pulmonary toileting, nebulizer treatments with steroids and bronchodilators and/or
  3. Requiring palliative care.

The wing consists of 2 large bedrooms, a therapeutic bathroom consisting of a state-of-the-art Jacuzzi tub and overhead lift system. There is a designated area for a Nurse and Direct Support Professionals. This cheerful home-like environment has state-of-the-art technology to care for the most medically fragile child. Our hope is to assist and support a child in need of such care for a short or extended period of time. We offer transitions from a NICU to assist the family with time, support and training or longer term if the family is not receiving the services needed at home.

For more information please call our Social Services Department at 610-525-8800.


We at St. Edmond’s are blessed to have our own chapel which is the site for the celebration of Mass, and offers a quiet place for reflection and prayer. The chapel is open daily for children staff, and families of all faith backgrounds for prayerful reflection. Mass is celebrated daily by Most Reverend Bishop Robert Maginnis. Our beautiful grounds, prayer garden, and grotto also provide a perfect setting to refresh one’s body, mind and soul.

Remember your loved ones, or pray for the sick with a Mass Card. Please visit for more information.

Sensory Garden & Grounds

The grounds provide a large picturesque area for sensory exploration: touch, smells, quiet walks, reflection, and play. Specifically designed for therapeutic purposes, it offers opportunities for outdoor therapy and stimulation. Features include a large gazebo, adaptive swings, hanging chimes, various plantings, wide walkways to accommodate wheelchairs, raised garden beds and an adaptive play ground to encourage movement and outdoor fun. Our beautiful grounds and gardens also provide private space for families to enjoy quality time with their child.

The Multi-Sensory Garden is visually stimulating, filled with bright colors and lovely flowers that attract butterflies. The garden also stimulates other senses: special plants such as “elephant ears” for the sense of touch, wind chimes and “singing” rocks for the sense of hearing and plants with strong scents such as lavender for the sense of smell. A prayer garden for quiet medication completes the garden.

I think the children as well as staff enjoy the garden. It’s peaceful; it’s tranquil. — Anonymous